How to make mini-bunting!

It's amazing how much is involved in making even the simplest little item such as the window bunting! So I thought you might like to know exactly how I make them!?


So first you have to source the material and cut it to shape - each mini-bunting takes 10 flags, so there are quite a number to cut out! I have found that the best materials are silk and faux-silks as these are nice and firm weaves.


Seal the material so that it won't fray - this involves spraying the cut flags to seal the materials.

Given that I like things sparkly, I use spray glitter for this. I wear a mask as I definitely don't want to breath in any sparkles - these are best left outside the body!

The flags are then left to dry.


Once dry, I chose some to decorate with a bit more glitter - I like this stage as I get to be a bit creative with the glitter glue! I now have quite a range of colours and they never disappoint :). So swirls; snowflakes; stars; spirals; squiggles 'cos I like them; dots; bubbles; circles; and probably yet more squiggles.. These then dry overnight...


Cut the gold tape to length (about one meter per set) and then glue the flags to the gold tape. Decorate the join as you wish. Apply more glue if it needs it. Wait for it to semi-dry.


Attach the suction hook to each end of the tape. Try not to smudge anything.


Hang the newly minted but not quite dry mini-bunting up in the window for a final drying - leave for the rest of the day. Add more glue as required. Try not to drop it on the floor. Shut the window if it starts blowing a hooley.


Neatly fold the mini-bunting. Put the mini-bunting in clean seal-able bag to keep it clean (this one is for an order of two sets).

Stick on a logo sticker.

Breathe a sigh of relief and then go and have a cuppa - you earned it!

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