Solstice Greetings!

Its been a real buzz this first few months of having a new business! Such a steep learning curve - almost exponential!

The joy of making things hasn't worn off at all - but I do realise this IS a business, and I'm in the business of making things that people like and want, and that also give me joy to make, and make well.

So many creative people out there, showing their wares on sites such as "Not on Amazon" and "Marvellous Makers" (both facebook sites) and also the various Virtual Christmas Markets... its truly humbling.

I have the pleasure of living on a road full of wonderful and creative people also - you should see our Advent Calendar windows! (I am really blessed). And I'm part of the Spillmans Collective (one road; many artists, sculptors, makers, artisans, musicians, composers....)

And now, the Solstice is here (shortest day/longest night); the conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter; Christmas is nearly upon us - and after such a year, and with all the restrictions, its hard to maintain a positive attitude. But I have a log fire, sherry, mince pies, family at the end of the phone, love and a cat - what more do I really need?

So Solstice Greetings to you all from me and the invisible elves at HisNeonCamel's workshops - going to think about what other lovely and scrumptious things we can make for next year!

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