Silk-Velvet - what could be more luxurious and soft to cuddle into and keep your neck warm at the same time! These are an absolute winner. The soft luxuriant pile gives the whole thing a glimmering sheen so beautiful as well as practical! Each one is unique.

These lovely scarves are made from various silk velvets (20% Silk 80% Viscose) some of which are re-cycled - what once gave joy as party clothes now gives joy as warm, soft luxurious scarves!. The 100% silk linings are  re-cycled from a variety of sources such as saris. These not only look fabulous, they're also REALLY warm!

The latest batch of silk scarves are now ready and available! These are hand dyed and hand made in Stroud :) and we think they are glorious!

The Silk-Velvet is 18% silk, 82% viscose

These do tend to go almost as soon as I put them up - so if we are out of stock, keep checking or email me : HERE